Over the years, I've thought a lot about what it is that I actually do. More than anything else, I think I'm in the business of trust - the trust you need from clients in order for them to choose to do business with you. We all know how complicated health care is. Its unique function, language, cost structure, set of legislated provisions, regulations, and policies – and range of perspectives on dealing with them.

Consulting as a senior-level writer and strategist for a diverse group of leading health care companies, I hear the disparate conversations taking place across the industry. Recognizing where everyone is coming from helps me to craft precise messages for targeted audiences.

Sure, I can save you time, too.
Knowing just what to say and how to frame it helps get to the point, fast. It's also little things like avoiding misplaced modifiers and knowing where all of those little marks - "[,/(%?])"' - go. And of course it's the big things, like getting the flow of the copy right. It's avoiding what could stop a document dead at regulatory or a clinician's review and send it screaming back with strikes and revisions.

But more than anything else, it's about trust
These days, we're pouring so much effort into SEO outreach and strategies that implore clients to check us out - that increase search engine rankings. That generate leads. And yes, this is key. However, in the rush to get it all out, we have to remember two things: First, we need someone on the other side with decision-making capacity or who can at least recommend us to decision makers. (Are we hitting our targets or talking to the wind?) Second, we need every engagement with decision makers to be positive. To be awesome. This is why I believe each message we send and the way we deliver it must convey all of our talent and competence - right from the start. It's about conveying trust. Yes, I'm a writer, but what I really offer is trust - trust in you.

Mary Barlow
Medical Communications Media Producer