2007 Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island Annual Report - Making Our Home Healthier

Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island, April 1st, 2008

"At Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island (BCBSRI), we strive to improve the health of not just our customers, but all Rhode Islanders. As a local business, we consider Rhode Island our home, and that’s why we want to make it even better.

From its universities and restaurants to its parks and cultural events, Rhode Island has so much to offer. But ever yone knows it’s the people that make a place home. Similarly, it’s our employees who make BCBSRI the company we strive to be–one that is deeply committed to helping people live long, healthy lives and being here for our members in good times and in bad, no matter what.

To continue serving our members and our community, we need to operate as efficiently as possible. With this in mind, last year we decided to make two major investments.

The first involves consolidating our offices into one building in downtown Providence, and the second, replacing our core information technology system. These projects will be a big fo cus in 2008 as we begin the construction of the building and the implementation of the new system. Together, they are critical to our long-term stability and will enhance our ability to provide superb service to our stakeholders. You can read more about these projects on pages 4 and 6 of this report.

As your local, nonprofit insurer and as a community member, we’re working hard to make life better for our customers and the people of Rhode Island by helping them to improve their health. That’s why we’re here. And there’s simply nothing more important to us."

Annual report 2007 annual_report_2007.pdf