2009 Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island Annual Report - A New Approach: "Health" Care

Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island, April 1st, 2010

"In 2009, we heard more about the state of healthcare in America than perhaps ever before. Reporters, commentators, pundits, and the President himself described how:

  • More than 46.3 million Americans (including about 118,100 Rhode Islanders) are uninsured.
  • Despite the United States’ spending more on healthcare than any other developed nation, we’re not much healthier.
  • About half of all healthcare spending in the United States treats just 5 percent of the population.
  • Annual healthcare spending has grown at a rate of about 9.6 percent since 1970–2.4 percent faster than our gross domestic product.

The delivery of healthcare across our nation–and throughout our state–has reached a state of crisis..."

2009 annual report 2009_annual_report.pdf